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Victor Crowley (2017)

victor crowley reviewAdam Green

Here we go again. Adam Green is back. Kane Hodder is back. That one dude (Parry Shen) is back. I was very excited to get more Crowley into my life (a line I often use to try and pick up damaged satanist girls in the club). I am happy to say that the movie is on par with the others, and a freaking treat.

I may have laughed more in this one than the others, but given that I watched so much of them in a row, who knows really. Some of the characters were very cartoonish, but that was fine. The way that Crowley gets brought back to life – by looking up how to say a spell on youtube was hilarious. I especially like that it was Tony Todd that got it right.

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victor crowely review

Gore wise, damn. I don’t know just how many notches can be kicked up, but another one was this time. I mean, going all the way up through the girl’s private hoo-hoo business (with her own arm) and back out her mouth – Victor has some fetishes.

I feel like the first 3 movies stand on their own as a perfect trilogy and I hope that this does the same thing. Just as in the other films, the movie ends abruptly leaving it perfectly positioned to victor crowley reviewpick right up with another installment. There is also a stinger just a bit into the credits that shows Danielle Harris and her terrible accent getting ready to bring it on again.

I’ll keep watching these movies for as long as they keep getting made. There is no other series that I can think of that is as consistent as this. I went into the movie knowing exactly what I would get and that is precisely what I wanted.


The movie is available today, so either rush out to your local store or be lazy like me and wait 2 days. Just click the image below and go straight to Amazon. That way you can avoid all of those strange humans walking in Target looking at you as if you had just murdered every one of their ugly children and fed them to your parakeet. Also, seriously, it’s only 12 bucks over at Amazon.

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