I am starting up a new thing. As I am having fun doing Sunday Classics, despite hating the name, I am going to try something else. Every other Saturday, I will be posting a top 10 list. I have a lot of them planned. Should be fun. Bitches love a top 10 list.

10. (1962) Cape Fear (1991) 

There is nothing wrong with Robert Mitchum. His voice is legendary, and his acting is close. Personally, I prefer him in westerns, but that doesn’t matter. My point is that no matter how good he was, nothing could hold a candle to the menace that is Robert De Niro. If asked, I would actually say that his best performance is in Cape Fear. I know many would disagree, but they don’t write this blog. De Niro is flat out scary in this film, and even though the plot has some weird holes, he makes up for it tenfold.

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9. (1973) The Crazies (2010)

This one is a bit of a cheat because I have never actually gotten around to seeing the original. I don’t have a copy and it isn’t something I have come across. I do, however, really dig the remake. I like Timothy Olyphant in just about everything, and he plays the southern lawman to absolute perfection. I can’t really compare the plots, but the remake is solid for sure. There are a couple jump scares and a few scenes with a lot of tension.

8. (1942) Cat People (1982)

Forty years separate these two films, but it may as well be 1000. The original isn’t bad at all, but a completely different vision came in the early eighties. We have David Bowie, Malcolm McDowell – back when he was still making legitimate films, and Natassja Kinksi, who for a small window of time was the hottest woman alive. The movie drips eroticism where the original only hints. It has an incestuous undertone that really comes through. All in all, the original was a solid film for a Friday afternoon, but the remake is a sensual, psychedelic wave of tranquil upheaval.

7. (1977) The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

There is not a single thing wrong with the original film. Michael Berryman is a legend, RIP. This isn’t a list of remakes that are necessarily better than the originals. The 2006 version is fantastic. Filled with a menacing tension that doesn’t let up in its second half, and 2 unbelievably shocking scenes. Those being when the father dies, and when the hill people invade the camper and feed from the woman’s breast. Both are fantastic and watching them simultaneously is a worthy endeavor.

6. (1981) The Evil Dead (2013)

I recently did a comparison of these two that you can read here, so I am not going to go into a lot of detail on this. The original is a classic, and the reason why the new one works is because they didn’t try to fuck with what made it classic. They didn’t try and create a new Ash and they stayed away from humor. The result is an incredibly dark and upsetting time.

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  1. Scott says:

    Michael Berryman isnt dead. Just a friendly note. Love your reviews!

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