It took awhile for the Blu-ray box to get to me this month, not sure why. I am relatively satisfied with the contents, but one or two are a little odd.

 lazarus effectFirst, we have The Lazarus Effect, which I actually have never gotten around to watching. I always meant to though, so I am happy with that one. Will have a review of that sometime soonish. I have had a big crush on Olivia Wilde ever since The O.C. (yes I watched the O.C. Leave me alone). She is on my celebrity sex list. You know, the 5 celebrities I have permission from my wife to have sex with if for some ungodly reason they decided to lower themselves all the way to my level. A boy can dream.

Horror Movie Subscription Box

Image result for resident evil afterlifeNext, we got a steelbook of Resident Evil: Afterlife. This one was strange. Apparently these were Wal-Mart exclusives, but obviously, they didn’t sell well. I did a full Resident Evil marathon review that you can read here, but I don’t actually own any of them. It feels weird to have only one from the middle of the series on the shelf. Does anyone else have weird feelings about gaps in their movie shelves?

Image result for the apparitionThird, is Apparition. I have no idea what this movie is, apparently it stars that girl from Twilight that isn’t the main one and Bucky from the Captain America movies. I’ll watch it and let you know. Have any of you seen it? If so, let me know. Editor’s Note: When I went to put this on the shelf, I found I already owned it on DVD. Does that mean I’ve already watched it? I have no fucking clue.

Related imageLast, but hopefully not least, is this month’s Horror Pack exclusive – Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. I am pretty sure the physical release is exclusive to Horror Pack, but you can watch it free on Amazon Prime. I am not a great fan of anthologies (with a few exceptions). Generally, for every good story an anthology contains, I have to sit through the rest of a movie that isn’t so good – sometimes terrible. Still, I will watch it and see .

So, I’d give my excitement for this Pack a B-. Hopefully that will go up and not plummet into the ground like ducks in Louisiana.

Here is what’s coming: I will have a review of the new film, Winchester staring Hellen Mirren as soon as Sunday. Look for reviews for Suicide Club, The Final Girls. Not of This Earth, and The Craft. Later in the month, Drag Me To Hell is getting re-released, so I get to watch that one again. I love that movie.

Also, Victor Crowley comes out on the 6th, so look for a review of that on the same day, as well as reviews for all three Hatchet films the day before.

Love you. Kisses.

If you want to get in on Horror Pack yourselves, just click this link. You get 3 bucks off your first pack, but full disclosure, you would get that anyway. Clicking that link gives me five bucks off or something. Regardless of how you get there, I do highly recommend the service. Usually the boxes are kept completely secret, but they let one of the Blu-ray titles out of the bag early due to some press that it would be in the box. The Soska sisters first film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk is on Blu-ray for the first time, and only ever available through Horror Pack. Color me excited.

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