The Final Girls (2015)

the final girlsTodd Strauss-Schulson, also directed that Harold & Kumar Christmas movie that I never got around to seeing

Not sure how I hadn’t seen The Final Girls one before. I am not even completely convinced that I knew it existed. I am happy to say that the film was a lot of fun. I was curious how they would be able to make a PG-13 film out of the premise, but the director pulled it off.

The plot revolves around Max (Taissa Farmiga) and her mother Nancy (Malin Akerman). Nancy was the star of an 80’s slasher film called Camp Bloodbath. Since then, she has tried to make it as a “legit” actress. After Nancy dies in a car crash, Max does her best to carry on without her.

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the final girls

a lot of shocked faces in this flick

When a Camp Bloodbath double feature is playing at the local theater, Max attends reluctantly. After a fire breaks out, Max and her friends escape by cutting a slit in the screen. On the other side, they find themselves trapped in the movie. They must find their way back to the real world before they get massacred by the killer, Billy.

The movie is more comedy than horror, but that works out fine. Adam Devine is pretty

the final girls

out of context, this looks like a kinky night

hilarious if you like his brand of humor. You know, jokes about boobs and balls awkwardly delivered. I laughed a lot. There is also plenty of mushy moments. Too much, if you ask my wife – but she has a cold, cold heart of pure stone.

Editor’s Note: It’s a good thing that she barely ever reads these things.

the final girlsTaissa Farmiga is adorable and perfect for her character, while Nina Dobrev is easily hateable. I loved Alia Shawkat as Gertie. I really miss Arrested development. Thomas Middleditch has a few funny lines, but now that the guy is in those annoying Verizon commercials, the sight of him kinda makes me want to scoop out my good eye with a spoon and replace it with firecrackers. Angela Trimbur, of whom I had never heard, was also incredibly hilarious as the token ditz, Tina. I’ll look out for her in the future.

the final girls

There are moments in this movie that look incredibly cool. The occasional camera shot that kind of blew me away and the awesome color palette during the ending both added a lot. When the movie was over, I had a huge smile on my face. The movie is so much fun. Make sure to check out the deleted scenes too, as there is some good stuff in there.

I was going to give this 4 stars, but writing this and going through images, it reminded just how much fun I had watching it. I can’t go all the way to 5, but 4.5 is accurate for moi. Damn the end is so gorgeous!

the final girls

I’ll leave an image link down below if you want to get a copy, and just in case you want a more in-depth analysis of the film, go check out what Meredith Borders had to say over at Birth.Movies.Death.


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