even nice people can go to hell

Drag Me to Hell (2009)

drag me to hellNo one es horror like Sam Raimi. His style is unmistakable, as are all the makeup and special effects. I got super hyped for Drag Me to Hell when I first saw the trailer and realized that he had kept his same aesthetic. It basically looked like Evil Dead 4, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Equal parts funny, disgusting, and horrific, Drag Me to Hell is a prime example of what I love about this genre. I honestly don’t think that any other category covers such a broad spectrum of style and purpose.

drag me to hellAll of the demons here fit right into Raimi’s world, but the feel is a little different. It all comes down to Alison Lohman and her portrayal of Christine. The character is basically this movie’s Ash, but the actress doesn’t have nearly the charisma of Bruce Campbell. There is a very odd juxtaposition with Christine’s rather stoic and humorless demeanor and the absolutely bonkers crazy pants moments that happen throughout the movie. It honestly shouldn’t work, drag me to hellbut it does. I would say that her acting in this movie was terrible if it didn’t work so well.

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The rest of the acting is good enough but not all that important, except for maybe the old lady (Lorna Raver) A Mac (which is what I will forever call Justin Long because of those shitty commercials. “Hello, I’m a Mac.” Fuck you Justin Long! Quit ruining my day.) is in this movie, and he is easy to loathe.

It was great to watch this movie again as I hadn’t pulled it out for a very long time. One of the best.

The new addition has a brand new transfer, as well as new interviews. It comes on two discs rather than the one it took for the initial release. The brand new cover art is pretty cool looking, but honestly, I always really liked the poster for this movie and prefer it. All in all, if you already own the original Blu-ray, I don’t really see any glaring reasons to upgrade. There is still no 4k version. But, if you didn’t get it before, now is an excellent time to add it to your shelf. Click the image below to go straight to Amazon.

Also tomorrow, Silence of the Lambs is getting the Criterion treatment. I’ll have my review for you to check out bright and early.

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