The Blood Spattered Bride (1972)

blood spattered brideVicente Aranda

The Blood Spattered Bride is a unique vampire story in that there is actually very little vampire-ing. If you took the element of vampirism out, the movie would be essentially the same. I believe it is there to simply explain why Camilla has been alive so long, but honestly, that could have been anything.

The plot revolves around a newlywed couple. The beginning of the movie shows the wife in a hotel room brutally raped, then turns out it was a dream. Then they go to the big house where the husband grew up. The husband initiates a lot of kinky sex. There are giant portraits on the walls of male ancestors, but none of any women. The bride is told that they are kept in the cellar.

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She notices that one of the women’s portraits has the face cut out. Her husband explains that 200 years ago, she killed her husband cuz he wanted kinky sex. After that, the bride has nightmares of killing her husband and a woman. This keeps happening, then she finds a dagger under her pillow.

This is all pretty early on in the movie and I am not going to continue with the plot as it is worth watching. However, you can probably figure it out. The film looks good but isn’t as gorgeous as other films of this same time period. I don’t actually know the director’s work, though he has a lot under his belt.

blood spattered brideThe eroticism is very tame in this one, which is notable when considering the year made and subject matter. While I do recommend seeing the movie, if I was speaking to someone new to this type of cinema, there would be many other films on the list ahead of The Blood Spattered Bride. However, if you are already a fan, this is definitely one to pick up and see – especially with the new Blu-ray releasing on February 13th. It has a new 4k transfer which this film can really benefit from.

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