About Me

This will absolutely be the worst part of my website. I have never been good at this stuff and generally rely on jokes just to get through it.

casey bartsch

I look mean but I am really just a trapped child.

My name Is Casey Bartsch. Should you want to stalk me, I live in Belton, TX. I hate Texas. Most Texans are proud to be here but I am just happy I decided to buck the trend and not hate everyone for who they worship or fuck. I am married to the greatest woman ever, Lindsay Jones. I have two step kids and am still trying to figure out this father thing. I work 10 or so hour a day blogging, promoting, and writing my novels. I am in constant dismay when I don’t get everything I want to get done, done. I am a Pisces. I know for a fact that any English teacher would balk until they could balk no more at how many sentences I just began with “I”.

I am trying desperately to make this blog relevant in a world of a billion blogs. My reviews are not meant to break down every detail of a film, as there are plenty other sites that do that perfectly. I try to write what I want to read in a review. Humor, humanism, and flare. I take issue with many really-real critics. All films seem to be rated on the same scale. A bad horror movie gets very low ratings as it is compared to the majesty that is Shindler’s List. Comedies full of poop jokes are rated poorly as they aren’t The Godfather. This doesn’t work for me. If a bad horror movie was fun to watch, it gets rated accordingly, and I will tell you why I chose the rating. If a stupid comedy had me laughing everytime they farted, then that movie has accomplished exactly what it was made for and should be rated to show that.

Reviews should be based on what the film is trying to accomplish, not what is considered the standard for all movies. There should be no standard.

I hope that this site somehow accomplishes that in even a minuscule way, and regardless of if I succeed, I also hope that you have fun reading my ramblings.

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